Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Right Reverend Ben Hernandez and His Cosmic Afro Experience - Present... The Sad Saga of the Tiny Shoes

This here is a very confusing record originally released on casette in a one time, 20 copy run and basically given out to friends. Recorded in the mid 90's by myself on a 4-track using instruments, rubber, moogs, turntables, rack effects and thrift store junk... with major and essential contributions from Ben, Russ, Bob and Keith. And pot. Lots of pot.
We're all going to hell:

1. The Sad Saga of the Tiny Shoes
2. Roling Carl's Turned Confusion Into Time
3. Kaliedescope
4. Cherub
5. Warren's Rainbow Colored Airship
6. Suddenly, The Captain
7. Ling Ling; The Lonely Panda

Reading is Fundamental


  1. Ah, so good to hear this again. I lost my copy years ago.